Girton Town Charity


Railings Sculpture progress

4 Jun 2018

A party from Girton which included Parish Councillors, representatives of St Andrew’s Church and GTC Trustees visited Sanderson Sculpture Ltd. in Herefordshire at the beginning of May to see at first hand how the Railings Sculpture, which will be erected between the Church and car park, is progressing.

The group was welcomed by Matthew and Rachel Sanderson who showed them around their sculpture park and the workshop where the Railings are being created.

The design, which has been approved by SCDC, incorporates the geese and quills historically associated with Girton when flocks of domestic geese provided quills for the University, as well as a tree of life. The Fibonacci sequence is used to define proportions throughout the various design elements. At the same time, the existing bus shelter will be replaced by a design in keeping with the Railings and St Andrews Church. A Heritage Consultant has been advising on how this area can be treated in an appropriate and cohesive way.

Dr Robin Hiley, Chairman of GTC said: “We were all overwhelmed by the scale of the railings sculpture in the studio and the level of progress that has been made. With the sculpture now 50% complete, we have instructed Project Managers Northmores to move forward on constructing the foundations and footpath which will also involve replacing the existing bus shelter.

“This project, which is wholly funded by GTC, has involved working with both the Parish Council and St Andrew’s Church. It was therefore important that in planning this visit, an open invitation was extended to representatives from both these groups to that they could also see how our plans are coming to fruition.”

Matthew Sanderson, who was awarded the project back in 2015, uses both hand skills and modern industrial technology to interpret historical craft techniques creating original, robust, visually delicate, large scale artworks. Born in Cambridge, he lived and worked in East Anglia for many years supplying work for permanent and temporary sites nationally and internationally. A few years ago he moved to Herefordshire where he has larger and more Permanent studio space for his structures.