Girton Town Charity


Railings Sculpture and Bus Shelter

3 Aug 2017

In partnership with St Andrew’s Church, GTC is planning to complete the boundary between the churchyard and the recreation ground car park, with some bespoke artistic railings that will enhance the appearance of the area.

Girton Town Charity is committed to improving public space and enhancing the Village environment for all residents, beyond  the facilities that can be provided and managed by the Parish Council.

Artistic railings

GTC has been planning, in partnership with St Andrew’s Church, to complete the boundary between the churchyard and the recreation ground car park, with some bespoke artistic railings that will enhance the appearance of the area. 

An artist’s brief has been produced by GTC Trustees and Rev’d Mandy Maxwell and in October 2015, Sculptor Matthew Lane Sanderson was awarded the project and commissioned to design and install bespoke artwork for the site.

Matthew was originally based near Cambridge and his work is well known in this area, with sculptures at Melbourn and Sawston Cemeteries; Cambourne and Bottisham Village Colleges; giant seed pods at the entrance to the Unwins site at Impington; gates at St Faith’s School and the chronophage (time eater) on the Corpus Clock in the city centre. He also has many sculptures located throughout the UK and overseas including in China, South Africa and the USA.

He said: “We are delighted that GTC has commissioned us to produce these railings and to have the opportunity to create an artistic screen that will incorporate elements of Village history. Its location between the car park and St Andrew’s Church which is 700 years old requires sensitive handling and we are so pleased to have the support of the Rev’d Mandy Maxwell for the project. Last but not least, Cambridge is my hometown and so is a special place for me to create a bespoke statement which will last for a long time.”


Ann Bonnett, GTC Trustee said: “This is a very exciting opportunity to improve this area of our Village and incorporate an artistic element that can be enjoyed by all residents. Although the final design will require the approval of SCDC – and we can’t reveal it yet – it will incorporate a tree of life, along with the geese and quills that are historically associated with Girton.

 “In terms of timing, the Parish Council is planning to refurbish the car park during 2017, which provides a perfect opportunity to collaborate on this very important area of the Village. GTC will also be covering the cost of a lit footpath between the railings and the car park to ensure a finish that shows off the railings sculpture to its best advantage.

Cohesive approach

“We have already taken advice from a Heritage Consultant to ensure that the whole area is treated in an appropriate and cohesive way. To ensure the best possible outcome, the Consultant has also recommended that the existing bus shelter is replaced by something that is sympathetic to this very special area.”

Rev’d Mandy Maxwell added: “Girton Parochial Church Council fully supports the project and welcomes the installation of a beautifully-designed set of railings. They will not only act as a boundary between the churchyard and the car park, but also provide a stunning focal point in this conservation area.”