Girton Town Charity


Suffolk Terrace works schedule

13 May 2020

In line with government advice, Girton Town Charity has agreed that works can recommence on the Suffolk Terrace site from Monday 11th May 2020.
GTC wish to reassure you that our contractors, Godfrey and Hicks will be working to strict COVD-19 requirements with safe systems of work established for all employees and visitors to the site. Appropriate signage will be installed and a comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out with controls established to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19.
Bearing in mind that all information below may be subject to supplier delays, the following is the anticipated work schedule planned for May and early June:
Week commencing 11th May
Return, check site and put into place all additional COVID-19 measures required.  Plant will return to site to prepare the site for ground beam installation.
Week commencing 18th May
Van Elle (subcontractors) will return and complete works to the piles and install ground beams. There is likely to be some traffic disruption during this week as there will be a number of plant movements and deliveries.
Week commencing 25th May
Ground beam installation to be completed. Bricklaying to the sub-structure to commence. There will be some traffic disruption this week as building blocks are delivered.
Week commencing 1st June
Beam and block floor installation. There will be at least one day of disruption this week as the beams will be installed directly from the lorry.
When deliveries are taking place appropriate traffic management will be in place, and arrangements will depend on the nature of the items being delivered and the duration required for unloading and carrying out the work. Godfrey & Hicks staff will park at Michael’s Close wherever possible.
Godfrey and Hicks will liaise with Cadent who we understand have some outstanding works to complete on the public gas main, with a view to avoiding potential conflict with deliveries.
GTC is keen to progress this important Almshouse project, to ensure that more affordable homes are available to Girton families particularly in the aftermath of this very difficult time.