Girton Town Charity


New Trustees join GTC

7 May 2016

Girton Town Charity welcomed two new Trustees, Chris Green and Patsy Smith to its Board in April, both long-term residents of the Village.

Chris Green has lived with his family in Girton since 1985, with a four-year gap (1990-1994) when they lived in Hong Kong and Singapore.

He says: “Up to 1990 we lived in Thornton Road and since 1994 in Fairway. I have three children and two grandchildren and all our children went to Girton Glebe, and then to Impington where I was a parent governor for several years.

“I wanted to be a GTC Trustee to make a contribution to the quality of life for people in Girton, since as a family we have gained so much from living here for the last 30 years. The interesting thing about GTC is that it has the resources required to make an impact – for example, by helping young people find housing in the Village, or giving our older residents better access to quality care. This is very unusual for a small Village, and we need to make the most of the opportunity.

“The area of GTC's work that interests me most is the provision of almshouses because improving access to genuinely affordable housing is crucial to the future of our Village. Otherwise it will become a middle-class, middle-aged enclave, with most young people and many older people unable to afford to live here. Of course I am also willing to help in whatever way I can to complement the work of the existing Trustees.”

Patsy Smith has lived in Girton all her life, beginning her education at Girton Glebe before moving on to Parkside Grammar School for Girls. She is currently an allotment holder and secretary to the Girton Allotment Society.

She says: “I worked for Cambridgeshire County Council for 39 years in the Education Department before taking early retirement in May 2014. Having lived in Girton all my life and now having some spare time, I felt that by becoming a Trustee I could contribute something back to the Village which I have so much enjoyed living in and being a part of. It is very satisfying to know that GTC’s aim to assist families and children in the community can be achieved and that it has the resources to follow through with specific projects.

“As a Trustee I would hope to be able to contribute to all areas of GTC’s work, however if possible I would like to concentrate on the educational aspects, such as the educational grants, assisting the schools and the youth projects.

“I feel the Charity offers valuable help to those who may not be able to find it in other ways and am looking forward to getting involved with new projects currently in the pipeline.”