Girton Town Charity


CarePlus Scheme

1 Jun 2018

Provides valuable service for Village residents.

As part of its objective to improve the community by offering a range of Grant Schemes to meet the needs of residents, Girton Town Charity (GTC) operates the CarePlus Grant Scheme which provides respite care for people living in the Village and their carers. 

Why has CarePlus been introduced?

It is designed to assist Girton residents to live independently and to provide additional care to suit the individual’s need over and above any statutory care to which the applicant is entitled. The Grant also aims to help residents return home from hospital as soon as possible, responding quickly at a time of need.

Who is eligible?

The Grant can be given to any Girton resident over the age of 18.

How does it work?

All potential recipients of the Grant must be referred to GTC by a third party – a GP, Warden of Residential Home or Sheltered Accommodation, Church Leader, Community Warden, Headteacher, Youth Worker, Macmillan Nurse or similar. Once this has happened, GTC will arrange for an assessment for suitability to be carried out by a professional care provider.

In the case of residents being discharged from hospital, Care Network will be responsible for the assessment.

Who delivers the care?

Following the assessment, a suitable care package will be suggested to be delivered by one of two care professionals nominated by GTC - Availl and Home Instead. 

Applicants will agree the package and sign a contract for its provision with the relevant care provider.

How much is the Grant worth?

Applicants will receive up to £1,700 per calendar year running from the date of the first claim which will be paid directly to the care provider. 

What type of care can this cover?

The care providers chosen by GTC can deliver support and companionship from a few hours a week to full day care, but only in addition to any statutory care to which the applicant is entitled. The type of care will be tailored to each individual and of course everyone’s needs will be different, but here are just a few examples of the kinds of support available.

For those being discharged from hospital, convalescent care is on offer including help with getting up or getting ready for bed, shopping, cleaning, washing or ironing, walking the dog, preparing a meal or companionship.

Respite care for the chronically ill may require an overnight stay to enable the regular carer a night off, time spent reading a book or newspaper, help with dressing or undressing, changing a bed or assistance with personal care. 

For the carers themselves, help can be given to prepare a meal, carry out housekeeping duties or socialising and providing companionship.

Residents who are experiencing increasing immobility can receive help with dressing or changing clothes or perhaps showering or washing their hair.

What is not covered?

Items such as disability aids, bathroom alterations and stair-lifts are not covered by the CarePlus Grant Scheme and must be requested using a GTC Grant Application Form.

For more information on the CarePlus Grant Scheme or any of the Schemes offered by GTC, please telephone 01223 276008.