Girton Town Charity


Helping older Village residents

20 Oct 2015

Working in partnership with Age UK Cambridgeshire, GTC has appointed Patricia as an Older Residents' Co-ordinator to support older people within the Village to access existing services and recognise gaps where new clubs and groups could be introduced. 

Patricia said: “I started work at the end of April and over the last few weeks have started meeting people, seeing the resources already available and going along to Village groups and events. 

“My remit is to support those older people who are perhaps isolated through circumstances and help them to improve their quality of life by getting involved or introducing them to activities they didn’t know about. 

“What is important to remember is that not everyone is a social person – for some people joining a group event is ideal, for others a one-to-one chat is more appealing. My role is to find out what each person prefers and try to offer appropriate support. 

“For many years I worked in teaching and then in the charity sector, both in paid and voluntary roles, so I have in-depth experience of helping people at vulnerable times in their lives. 

“I mainly work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but am very happy to be flexible if people want to see me outside these times. 

“If you would like me to call – or you know of someone else who would appreciate a visit and importantly, you have their permission – please contact me on 07469 660866 or let the GTC office know.”